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The Banting Tribe

The New Banting 3.0. Losing Weight Made Easy and Fail-Proof.

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You’ve tried losing weight many times before. Now try the new Banting 3.0. Get real results...

Free for now. GO WILD.

If you were wondering how much does Tribe Membership cost, or that it can't be free, what's the catch? Well... There isn't any, Banting Tribe Membership is 100% free for the time being.

Shania B. (left) lost 11 kg in 12 weeks. Tammy H. (right) lost 26 kg in 12 weeks.

Get Real Results with exclusive Banting 3.0 recipes, meal plans, and tutorials not shared anywhere else...

I'm often asked, “Will the Banting 3.0 Diet work for me?” I then offer the Zen-flavoured answer, “Only if you do it.”

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An exciting, no-risk, two-week adventure into a new way of eating. It may very well put you on the road to a happier, healthier you for the rest of your life. Doesn’t that sound simply irresistible?
You know you want to try it. What are you waiting for?

Get The Banting 3.0 Beginners Guide
New to Banting? Or, tried Banting before? Feeling lost? Overwhelmed by conflicting information? Not seeing results? Learn how to navigate the Banting diet.

Get The Banting 3.0 Quick Start Meal Plan
Ease into your Banting 3.0 Meal Planning groove with this simple 3-day plan. On the remaining 3 days either repeat one of the days provided or do your own thing. Sunday is Spoil-Yourself-Day.

Get Banting 3.0 Friendly Recipes
All the Banting 3.0 friendly recipes you need to get you off to a great start.

And much more...

Learn From Real Banters

After just two weeks I was on a Zoom meeting with my boss and she said "holy crap Shania, what are you doing, you look great!" - Shania B, Banting Belly Bootcamp participant.

We're a private community of Beautiful Slim Bodies in Progress sharing what works, delicious recipes, kitchen stories, ideas, and encouragement.

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